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Portobello-RMF commit to Solar Power

In June 2018, Portobello-RMF made a major capital and environmental investment by switching to solar power and installing solar panels at a significant cost.

The solar panels underline Portobello-RMF's ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, to the environment and to green energy. With an initial cost in excess of £ 75,000, payback for the solar panel installation is expected to be complete in 5 years. Following this period, electricity will be virtually free and is currently saving the company between £10,000 - £12,000 per year along with reducing the company's carbon foot print. The solar panels have a capacity of up to 99KwH, exceeding the current power demands of the company.

Portobello-RMF has an ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, and is pleased to be taking steps to ensure that our processes are as sustainable as possible.

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