All welding procedures are qualified to recognised international manufacturing codes and are endorsed by Lloyds/TUV and other accredited independent inspection organisations.


Responding to significant demand, Portobello-RMF has cultivated specialist expertise in the welding of metals of all types and invested heavily in the modern welding controls and plant required for these processes. The covered workshops each extends to over 2000m2 of floor space and houses both manual and semi-automatic welding equipment including, TIG, Plasma, MMA, MIG, FCAW and SAW.

Our extensive capability and experience means that our teamwork with the full range of materials. With the incredible diversity of products produced by Portobello-RMF, from pressure vessels to heat exchangers, we satisfy the demands of process industries with new methods and material combinations continuingly developing at an increasing pace. In response to this expansion of skills, Portobello-RMF offer specialised welding techniques and welding procedure development. Differing processes operate with differing materials, some exotic, some hostile, some benign, but all requiring different core materials to avoid chemical interactions with the process. All welding procedures are qualified to:
ASME IX – EN ISO 15614 Pt's 1-8, BS EN ISO 15609-1 2004, ISO 3834 Pt 2, BS EN 287-1, BS EN ISO 9606 Pt's 1-5, Lloyds Rules for Classification of Ships.

Portobello-RMF has responded to the complex demands of the process industries and has developed welding procedures to meet such demand. Below are some examples of materials combinations that PRMF can weld:

This list of examples is not exhaustive of our capabilities, please contact the team at Portobello-RMF to discuss your welding process needs.



If you have a project with bespoke requirements that you would like to discuss further, contact the team at Portobello-RMF – big or small, our capable team will apply their expertise to progress your project from design to finished product.

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