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Our COVID-19 Response

For you

Our phonelines are open so you will still be able to call us regarding sales, projects, engineering and account activities.

Manufacturing will still continue across our two workshops, meaning any ongoing projects will continue as normal. We do warn however that due to our supply chain there may be some delays, but if this does affect your project, we’ll be sure to make you aware at the earliest opportunity.

Our office-based staff are working from home where possible but are still available via their normal email addresses and if for any reason you can’t get hold of the individual you need, feel free to give the main office a call where a member of staff will be available to help you.

If anything changes in the near future, you can rest assured we will update you as soon as is practically possible.

For our workshop workers

Our workers have been set clear guidelines to keep them safe at work and also respect the health of the general public by minimising contamination. The following are just a few of the measures we have implemented to combat the current situation:

First and foremost, we ask any worker who has any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 to remain at home and not come in. We also are using Thermoscan thermometers to test workers temperatures before starting work to ensure they do not have a high temperature which is one of the signs of COVID-19.

We are adhering to strict “2m etiquette” as recommended by the government, this includes every part of our premises from the car park to the workshops. We are also asking all our staff regularly wash their hands thoroughly.

Workers must wear protective equipment, including masks and gloves, at all times while they are working, to ensure the virus cannot be spread in the workplace. We have also instructed workers to avoid sharing tools to prevent cross contamination.

Finally, before they go home, we ask all workers to wash their hands a final time and filter out one by one, while adhering to the 2m etiquette. They are asked to go directly to their cars and not to congregate, again to avoid the spread of germs.

For our office workers

We have asked the majority of our office workers to work from home wherever possible as recommended by the government. However, for those that need to come in, we have many protocols in place to ensure their safety; the 2m etiquette, hand washing, Thermoscan thermometer checks and strict leaving protocols are standard for all our workers.

We have implemented a one-person rule in the kitchen area, toilets, the printing room and changing rooms to ensure social distancing is adhered to. Furthermore, we will be rearranging the office to ensure a 2m gap between workers at all times.

Our workers have nitrile gloves available for handling any incoming mail or deliveries and after handling anything that has arrived externally or has shared use within the office.

For our visitors & contractors

If at all possible, we are minimising the number of visitors we have to our workshops and offices. However, any visitors are treated just like staff and have to adhere to the exact same rules upon arrival, throughout the duration of their stay and at the end of the day as our workers do.

We hope you can see how seriously we are taking the situation and as the landscape changes we will continue to adapt and support our workforce and keep them safe during these times. We’d like to thank our clients & suppliers for their support and ongoing patience through this period, but also our workers who are dealing with the crisis brilliantly.

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