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Portobello gain two major contracts for Vynova Runcorn Ltd

Vynova Runcorn Ltd produces chlorine (Cl2) and ethylene dichloride (EDC), two essential intermediates for the production of PVC. Their other key product is caustic soda (NaOH), a basic chemical used to make a wide range of end products for daily life.

A major project currently being undertaken by Vynova Runcorn Limited, with support from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, involves the manufacture of major equipment, and we have been successful in securing works in Low-Temperature Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 316L and Titanium Grade 2.

The Titanium Grade 2 equipment will be one of the largest produced in the UK for a number of years and further adds to our vast experience in the Reactive Metals industry. All equipment supplied for this contract will be of substantial size with diameters above 3.3m.

A spokesperson from Portobello-RMF had the following to say:

‘The award of this contract is a major achievement for our Company, especially in the challenging times due to the Coronavirus pandemic which sees many others in our industry sadly struggle, and one we are thankful for in Vynova trusting our experienced capabilities for their requirements. The Project will begin in earnest Q3/4 of this year with delivery scheduled for 2021.’

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