For Chemical Processing Applications

AMETEK Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with tubing made of corrosion-resistant fluoropolymer resins are ideal for heating, cooling and condensing chemically aggressive process streams. Typical applications include: sulphuric, hydrofluoric, nitric, hydrochloric. There are also other caustic acids and other alkalis; halogenated compounds; salt solutions, and organic compounds. Standards of the semiconductor and electronics industry for handling high purity chemicals and UPW are easily met. Units are single-pass designs incorporating flexible fluoropolymer tubing fused at both ends to form a honeycomb structure. Shellside baffles are designed to promote cross-flow for optimum thermal efficiency. All surfaces exposed to the process stream are made from fluoropolymer materials to resist fouling and prolong service life. AMETEK Shell and Tube heat exchangers can also be supplied with fluoropolymer-lined shells for high efficiency heat interchange between two corrosive process streams; an ideal way to recover waste heat and to reduce energy costs.

Shell diameters for standard units range from 3'' to 14'' (76 to 356mm); shells are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, CPVC, fibreglass or other materials. Nominal tube length is from 2' to 24' (.60 to 7.3m). Tubing diameters range from 0.10'' to 0.375'' (2.54 to 9.5mm) in FEP, “Q” Series, or high purity resins.

Heat Transfer Area
5.1 to 1104ft² (0.5 to 103m²) in standard units

For Metal Processing Applications

Ametek slimline heat exchangers are widely used in the metal finishing and processing industries and are especially suited to steel picking applications. The inherent non-stick characteristics of fluoropolymers resist corrosion and fouling, extend heat exchanger service life, and improve value-in-use through reduced maintenance costs. Ametek slimline ''q'' series heat exchangers are made from a proprietary resin that combines improved durability with increased temperature and pressure capability, delivering high thermal efficiency and performance. ''q'' series coils handle steam heating applications without desuperheating and are especially suited to batch and continuous pickling applications.

Slimline coils are available in lengths from 4' to 16' (1.2 to 4.9m) in a u-shape and straight configurations.

Heat transfer area
34 to 245ft² (3.2 to 23.7m²)


Ametek supercoil heat exchangers are designed for heating and cooling a wide range of metal finishing solutions. Supercoil applications include: electroplating, electroforming and electroless plating baths; acidic and alkaline solutions for etching, chemical milling, anodising, cleaning, striping, electropolishing and similar operations.

Ametek supercoils incorporate multiple bundles of braided tubing that can be installed into virtually any type of tank configuration. Braids are separated by spacers for optimum thermal performance. The inherently high electrical resistance of fluoropolymers help supercoils resist the effects of stray currents in electroplating tanks.


Supercoils are available in lengths from 3' to 16' (0.9 to 4.0m) with 100 to 280 tubes of fep or ''q'' series resin; tubes are 0.10'' (2.54mm) in diameter. End connections are available in fluoropolymer or stainless steel.

Heat transfer area
6.5 to 113ft² (0.6 to 10.6m²)


Ametek minicoil heat exchangers made of fluoropolymer tubing are used to control temperatures in the laboratory baths and small production tanks where corrosion is a problem. Minicoils are widely used in the semiconductor industry for etching and precious metal plating, as well as for deionised water rinse tanks used in producing wafers, microcircuits, printed circuit boards and connectors. Tubing of non-stick fluoropolymer form a compact, lightweight design that resists contamination and prolongs the service life of the installation. High thermal efficiency means smaller units requiring less tank space. Mini-coils are available in a wide range of standard or custom configurations.

Ametek Fluoropolymer Tubing – available in fep and pfa fluoropolymer resins as well as the high purity versions of both fep and pfa – is designed for a wide range of high purity and corrosion resistant applications covering temperature ranges from -275ºf to 400ºf. The chemical resistance combined with the low extractable levels, makes fluoropolymer tubing ideal for aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, medical pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and chemical processing applications.

Ametek fluoropolymer tubing is available in sizes up to 2 inch diameter. Product can be supplied as short cut pieces or continuous lengths of several thousand feet, depending on diameter. Double bagging and clean room approved spools are used for high purity grades.

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