The manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers, alongside pressure vessels, has been a cornerstone of Portobello-RMF's expertise for many years. With over 80 years of experience working with heat exchangers, we can design and fabricate many types of heat exchangers to an exceptionally high quality, and to client bespoke specification.


Working with a wide variety of materials, the team at Portobello-RMF has the expertise to deliver solutions to resolve a variety of different engineering challenges. Portobello-RMF manufactures and repairs shell and tube heat exchangers, new tube bundles or performs full re-tube of existing tube bundles. Our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results on the following projects:
Condensers, Reboilers, Overhead Condensers, Primary Condensers, Caustic Storage Drum, Coolers, Stripper Coolers, Gas Loop Heat Exchangers, Distillation Reboiler, After Cooler, Reactor Condenser, Pre Heater, Tail Gas Heater, Process Water Heat Exchangers, Replacement Tube Bundles, Compressor Aftercoolers, Gas/Liquid Exchangers, Liquid Exchangers, Gas/Gas Exchangers.

Portobello-RMF are pleased to be the UK distributors of Ametek Fluoropolymer heat exchangers:

AMETEK heat exchangers with tubing made of corrosion-resistant fluoropolymers are High-purity, and highly corrosion-resistant products for the chemical processing, metalworking, semiconductor, power generation, aerospace, and other industrial applications. They are ideal for heating, cooling and condensing chemically aggressive and high purity process streams. Typical applications include: De ionised water and other high purity solutions; sulphuric, hydrofluoric, nitric, hydrochloric and other acids; caustic and other alkalis; halogenated compounds; salt solutions, and organic compounds.

AMETEK Shell-and-Tube heat exchangers are single-pass designs incorporating flexible fluoropolymer tubing fused at both ends to form a honeycomb structure. Units are also available with fluoropolymer-lined shells for high efficiency heat interchange between two corrosive process streams; an ideal way to recover waste heat and to reduce energy costs.

Standard specifications for Ametek Shell-and-Tube heat exchangers:
Shell diameters for standard units range from 3 to 14 in. (76 to 350 mm); shells are available in carbon or stainless steel, fibreglass or other materials. Nominal tube length is from 2 to 24 ft. (0.6 to 7.3 m). Tubing diameters range from 0.10 to 0.375 in. (2.54 to 9.5 mm) in either FEP or Q-Series models.
Heat Transfer Area - 5.1 to 1104 ft2 (0.5 to 103 m2) in standard units.

Contact Portobello-RMF for further information on the Ametek range, including heat exchangers for high purity and corrosive applications, slimline coils, supercoils, mini coils, fluoropolymer tubing and reactor coils.

To achieve the highest standard of quality, our team most commonly work with the following materials:

Typical Materials


Our team has expertise working with a wide variety of heat exchangers utilising different materials, including zirconium Grade 702.


Portobello-RMF produces a wide range of titanium heat exchangers, with extensive experience working with titanium grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 16.


Our specialist team work with a wide range of alloys including C276, B2, B3, C22, X and G30 to produce high quality Hastelloy heat exchangers.


Portobello-RMF has many years’ experience working with tantalum and tantalum cladding to fabricate and repair high-quality and bespoke heat exchangers.


With over 30 years of experience, Portobello-RMF is able to fabricate clad heat exchangers using a wide variety of clad materials and to bespoke client specification.


If you have a project with bespoke requirements that you would like to discuss further, contact the team at Portobello-RMF – big or small, our capable team will apply their expertise to progress your project from design to finished product.

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