Portobello-RMF has vast experience and expertise in the manufacture of bespoke and high quality pressure vessels, columns and tanks. With over 80 years of experience, Portobello-RMF can offer a competitive and technical solution to most process plant engineering challenges and which comply with national and international design codes.


Portobello-RMF has an internationally recognised reputation for the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and special fabrications in exotic materials, building and honing this expertise over many years of successful trading with international engineering houses and blue chip, multinational chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our skilled team can produce clad vessels in a range of different alloys to exceptionally high quality and for application to an extensive range of equipment, from titanium tanks that adhere to international codes, to clad vessels designed and fabricated to client specifications.

The pressure vessels that are designed and fabricated on site can be built to a variety of specifications, with no minimum limitation and the capacity to be up to 70 millimetres thick, 30 metres long, 4 metres diameter and weigh up to 70 tonnes. With specialist knowledge and the appropriate resources, Portobello-RMF are able to fabricate pressure vessels to bespoke specifications in a variety of materials including, Titanium Clad Vessels, Titanium Tanks and Vessels, Clad Vessels, Duplex Vessels, Carbons and Stainless Steel Vessels.

Working with a wide variety of materials, the team at Portobello-RMF has the expertise to deliver solutions to resolve a variety of different engineering challenges. Our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results on the following projects:
Knockout Drums and Pots, Condensate Tanks and Drums, Hydrogenation Reactors, Distillation Columns, Reflux Columns, Blowdown Vessels, Reactors, Drain Pots, Storage Drums and Vessels, Mixing Vessels, Feed Drums, Settler Drums, Separators, Chiller Vessels, Autoclave Vessels, Vent Drums, Jacketed Vessels, Regen Vessels, Sample Vessels, Electrolysis Tanks, Acid Storage Tanks, Reactor Columns, Decompression Vessels, Driving Chambers, Expansion Vessels, Buffer Vessels, Flash Tanks, Steam Generators, Suction Scrubber Vessels, TUP Vessels, Combustion Chambers, Dissolver Vessels, Filter Vessels, Flash Separators, Drier Vessels.

Typical Materials


Portobello-RMF have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Titanium Clad Vessels.


Portobello-RMF are experts in fabricating equipment – including tanks and vessels – in titanium, producing all titanium tanks and vessels to International codes and bespoke client specifications.


With extensive experience working with a wide range of clad vessels, Portobello-RMF are able to produce clad vessels in many different alloys to a high quality and to bespoke specifications.


Portobello-RMF have a long history of working with duplex vessels and can fabricate the highly economical duplex vessels to bespoke specifications.


Portobello-RMF provides high quality carbons and stainless steel vessels that can be fabricated to satisfy specific requirements and purposes.


If you have a project with bespoke requirements that you would like to discuss further, contact the team at Portobello-RMF – big or small, our capable team will apply their expertise to progress your project from design to finished product.

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